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Introduction of Mini Game Weekly Rankings Activity

Instructions on steps of entering competition:

1.Enter Bullring of this week and submit scores when the games are over.

2.Each period of Bullring ranking activity is one week and the realtime rankings are shown on game pages. The staff will collect data and mail awards to the winners with free delivery in 7 days after each period.

3. Please complete your personal information before you join the activity so that the staff can get in touch with you and mail the awards to you. The award will be reserved for 15 days after the winner list goes public. If the award are not claimed by winners, then it shall be deemed as given up by the winner.

4. If anyone is caught cheating in the game, our site has the right to cancel the eligibility of the cheater and close his ID after verification.

5.The ultimate explanation rights of this activity belongs to our site.